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Virgin Islands to United States
August 17, 1915

This registered cover used an envelope with the corner card
of Stebbins and Handy, Architects, Minneapolis, Minn.
It was mailed in Road Town, Tortola, Virgin Islands.
Road Town is the capital of the Virgin Islands.
Interestingly, the islands didn't add the 'British' until 1968
when it was done to minimize confusion with the
American Virgin Islands, formerly the Danish Virgin Islands.
There are two Road Town CDS.

Registration was completed by the post office in Road Town by
adding a boxed registry handstamp, inscribing a serial number,
and stamping a large REGISTERED on the front.

The cover then went to St. Thomas in the Danish West Indies.
It wasn't until 1917 that the Danish West Indies were purchased by the United States.
It arrived in St. Thomas on August 18 where it was again
entered into the registry system,
given a boxed registry handstamp, and a new serial number.
There is also a St. Thomas circular handstamp on the back.

The cover proceeded to New York where its arrival was marked on the back
by two oval NEW YORK, N.Y. | REG'Y. DIV. handstamps dated September 11.
It was also given a new serial number - 1601 - by a handstamp just below the address.

The cover then went off to its destination in Minneapolis
where it given a blue CDS for the REG. DIV. dated September 13.

The cover is franked with a 1913 George V 3d. purple on yellow paper (SG 51).

Note:  I am not absolutely certain about the date.
It could be August 7 with St. Thomas transit on August 8.
The 17/18 seems more consistent with arrival in New York on September 11.


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