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August 16, 1960

This picture postcard was mailed in Scarborough, Yorkshire.
Scarborough seashore resort on the North Sea coast northeast of Leeds.
The card was machine cancelled with a round dial and wavy lines.

The destination was Brigg, Lincolnshire, about 80 km due south of Scarborough.

The cover was franked with a 1958 2d light red brown Queen Elizabeth II (SG 573).

What is of most interest are the markings indicating postage due.
The Scarborough post office applied a huge outline T indicating 'tax.'
T is the international symbol indicating a shortpaid letter.

In addition, a notched box (unusual) was applied which read:
The last line should be the postal code number for Scarborough which was 693 at the time.*

At the time the postcard rate was 2 d.
The penalty doubled the short payment ( d.) to give the 1d due.
If the sender had omitted the message it could have gone printed paper rate which was 2d.*

In due course, the Brigg post office collected the 1 d.
They applied and cancelled a 1959 violet-blue postage due (SG D57).
Unfortunately the date is not legible.

The message is a typical vacationer's message to friends at home.

We are indebted to Mauro Mowszowicz for providing this interesting card.

*Thanks to Dave Parsons for deciphering the last line of the handstamp
and for his explanation of the derivation of the amount due.


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