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Egypt to France

August 15, 1875

This cover went into the mails in the French Post Office in Alexandria.
In addition to the CDS, the two stamps were cancelled with
a Gros Chiffres (large numbers)  5080 in a lozenge of dots.
Numbers greater than 5000 were assigned to Algeria and French offices abroad.
In addition, there the cover was marked with a red boxed PD (indicating paid to destination).

The cover was franked with an 1870 40c. orange on yellowish paper
and an 1875 80c. rose on pinkish paper Ceres stamps (Scott 59 and 63, respectively).

The sender requested service Via Brindisi on the heel of the Italian boot
which was the fastest service from Suez to Europe.
The packet could meet a train there for the continental trip and avoid the long voyage to Marseilles.

The red CDS is supposed to be a Paquebot Angl. Alexandria.
It's not legible enough for me to tell although the date appears to be August 21.
That doesn't seem to match its arrival in Lyon.
Is it perhaps a marking applied en route from Alexandria to Brindisi?
Comments anyone?

The cover arrived in its destination, Lyon, on August 24.
Lyon is about 150 km north of Marseilles.

Note the interesting monogram on the flap.


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