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Tahiti to Austria
August 13, 1928

This registered cover originated in Papeete on the northwest side of Tahiti.
I think the biggest export of Tahiti is daydreams!
The cover is franked with a colorful array of stamps cancelled by six strikes of the Papeete CDS.
The cover was marked Recomandeé and a prenumbered label
was affixed and handstamped PAPEETE | ILE TAHITI.
The cover was addressed to Graz which is about 150 km southwest of Vienna.

The stamps used show a Tahitian girl on the 1922 5c. blue and black,
the 1926 10c.  orange red and brown red on bluish paper,
the 1915 15c. orange and black, and the 1927
20c. brown and dark brown  (Scott 25, 28, 29, and 32).
There are also illustrations of Kanakas (Polynesians)  on the 1922 25c. violet and rose,
the 1927 30c. slate blue and blue green, the 1913 40c. black and green,
the 1913 45c. orange and red, the  1926 50c. gray and blue violet,
and the 1926 green and black (Scott 34, 38, 40, 41, 44, and 45).

I'm not sure what the blue pencilled marks on the back are - possibly registry numbers added in Austria.


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