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Liechtenstein to Germany
August 12, 1930

This registered, first flight, first day cover was prepared by a
"G. A. G. Thoolen Air Post Specialist 's Gravenhage - Holland" and mailed from Triesenberg.
Mr. Thoolen was a stamp dealer in The Hague ('s Gravenhage).
He is noted for having sent some of the few covers recovered from the crash of the Hindenburg.
Triesenberg is just a few kilometers south of Vaduz.

The cover is franked with stamps issued on August 12.
There is a 15 rappen dark brown and 20 rappen slate (Scott C1 and C2).
Both have the same design of an airplane over snow-capped mountains.

The stamps are cancelled with a slogan handstamp
Visit the Beautiful Principality of Liechtenstein.
Registration included a preprinted label.

The flight was from Zürich to Berlin and took place on August 12 or 13.
The cover received a special flight cancel at the Zürich Flugplatz on August 12.
It was probably renumbered 3795 for the Swiss registry system.

Arrival was noted in Berlin Zentralflughafen (Templehof) on August 13.
The cover was addressed to the sender Portlagernd which
I believe relates to the return treatment given such covers.
The cover was readdressed to 's Gravenhage in the lower left.
The cover was processed later on August 13 in
Berlin O (Ost - East) and Berlin SW (South West).

There is no indication of when the cover got back to 's Gravenhage.


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