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Malta to Czechoslovakia
August 7, 1934

This airmail cover went through Valletta on August 7 where it received a neat CDS.
The stamp is cancelled with another Malta CDS which designates AIR MAIL MALTA.*

The cover bore a bilingual air mail etiquette and was stamped with a boxed Par Avion.
The French inscription in the boxed handstamp translates as Airmail Until Genoa.*

The destination Ústí nad Orlicí, Pardubický kraj, Czechoslovakia.
The destination is about 200 km due east of Prague toward Ostrava in the present day Czech Republic*

The cover is franked with a single 1928 POSTAGE | AND | REVENUE
overprint of the 4d. black and red King George V (SG 183).*

*Many thanks to Maarten Willems for letting us know the destination of this cover.
Thanks, too, to David Benson who provided information on the Airmail CDS and the boxed handstamp.
David Benson also called my attention to my misreading the stamp's denomination.


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