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Paraguay to England
August 6, 1913

This registered cover went into the mail in Asunción where it received two CDS - one on each side.

Asunción is the capital of the landlocked nation of Paraguay.
Asunción is about 1000 km north of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
Paraguay is bordered by Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil.

Registration was requested by the script Certificada.
This was accomplished by adding a blue cross on the front and a prenumbered  registration label on the back.

The cover was received in London, where it was originally addressed, on August 31.
This is the first of four oval registry marks on the back.
The cover then was marked with a SE to redirect it for distribution.

The cover's next stop was to receive a registry mark at the S.E.D.O. (South East District Office).*
It went on to Dulwich where it was given an oval backstamp and readdressed to Hove.
It then went back through the S.E.D.O. to its destination.

Dulwich is a district in south London about 8 km south of the Thames and central London.
Hove is on the English Channel a few km west of Brighton.

The cover is franked with two of the 1913 Coat of Arms light blue (Scott 217).

*Thanks to Dave P. for correcting my interpretation of this abbreviation.


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