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Netherlands Indies to England
August 4, 1937

This picture postcard was sent from Bandoeng (now Bandung), on the island of Java.

The card is franked with a 1934 10c vermilion rice field scene (Scott 172).

The cancel is an unusual diamond-shaped cancel
honoring the Rural Hygiene Conference being held there.

The destination was London.
Jim Whitford-Stark notes that it is in St. John's Wood.
Futher, the growth of London makes one forget that it once
was a satellite of London with its own High Street.

The other interesting part of this card is its illustration.
What is the man's occupation?

I think he is a Chinese scribe carrying his office over his shoulder.
He made a living writng letters home for unlettered Chinese working abroad.
What do you think?

*Well, was I ever wrong!
The term spek translates from Dutch as 'bacon' so the the person was
probably a Chinese street vendor selling bacon or another form of pork goodies.
On closer examination, the small table being carried does appear to have some bacon strips on it.
Thanks to both Mauro Mowszowicz  and David Benson for this information.


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