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Nauru to Australia
August 3, 1934

This registered cover was sent from Nauru.
Nauru is a tiny island in the west central Pacific at 032'S 16655'E.

Nauru became a British Mandate in 1916 after its occupation by
Australian forces in September, 1914, just after the outbreak of World War I.

The first stamps used in Nauru after its capture were
Australian stamps overprinted N. W. PACIFIC ISLANDS.
Next, stamps of Great Britain overprinted NAURU
were used until Nauru stamps were printed in 1924.

The three stamps on this cover are from this first Nauru issue.
They are the 1d. scarlet printed on rough surfaced, grayish
paper (Type I) portraying the freighter Century (SG 28).
There are three barely legible NAURU CDS.
Registry was provided by a preprinted label.

The destination was Melbourne, Victoria.
There are no transit marks on the front.


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