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Ecuador to Colombia
July 30, 1928

This airmail cover was sent from Guayaquil on the Pacific coast.
Its destination was Barranquilla on the Caribbean coast.
The sender applied a nice red airmail etiquette.

The cover is franked with a 1925 10c yellow green President Moreno (Scott 212).

Sociedad Colombo-Allemana de Transportos Aereos (SCADTA)
operated airmail service in Ecuador at the time.
SCADTA issued special stamps for its service but none were used on this cover.

The boxed handstamp at the lower left front was applied to
indicate that the extra airmail fee had been paid (franco).

The Guayaquil office applied a double circle airmail service

Upon arrival in Barranquilla the cover was marked by
another Servicio de Tranportes Aereos CDS on August 1.


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