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Liechtenstein Domestic Usage
July 29, 1917

This registered cover was sent from Triesen to Schaan.
The two post offices are only about 7 km apart
and spread equally from Vaduz in western Liechtenstein.
Liechtenstein is the small principality tucked in between Switzerland and Austria.
Triesen is to the south of the capital, Vaduz, and Schaan is to the north.

This cover was undoubtedly philatelically inspired.

During this period the post office was administered by the Austrian Post Office.
It is, therefore, not surprising that both the stamp designs are
similar to those of Austria and the currency is Austrian.

The cover was franked with stamps from the 1912 to 1918 period portraying Prince Johann II.
There is a 5 heller yellow green (Scott 1, 1a, or 5), 10 heller claret
(Scott 2, 2a, or 6), and 25 heller dark or deep blue (Scott 3, 3a, or 9).

The differences are in the paper.
The first three were printed on thick, chalky paper.
The -a varieties were printed on thin unsurfaced paper.
5, 6, and 9 were printed on ordinary paper.
Only 9 is deep blue.

The stamps were individually cancelled with three Triesen CDS.
A neatly preprinted yellow green registry label was added.

I believe the penciled 2093 in the upper left has been added by some past owner.


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