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British Honduras to United States
July 28, 1922

This registered cover was sent from Stann Creek (in 1911) about
35 km south of Belize City on the Carribean Coast.
The Stann Creek district is a fabulous combination of beach and jungle.

A local post office was established in British Honduras in 1809.
Regular packet service began in 1829.
In 1857 a branch of the British G.P.O. was established.
Stamps of Great Britain were used beginning in 1858.
Operation as a colonial post office began in 1860.
The colony became independent as Belize in 1964.

There are three poorly struck CDS.

The sender used a preprinted registry envelope.
The denomination appears to be 2c.
Help, anyone?
A 1922 4c. slate stamp based on the 1921 Peace stamp was added to make the rate (SG 123).

The post office at Stann Creek added a boxed registry handstamp and inserted the serial number.

The destination was Germantown, part of Philadelphia.
En route it entered the United States through New York, N.Y.,
where it received an oval REG'Y.DIV. handstamp on August 10
and a new registration number (61601) was added.

There would be other registry stamps on the reverse.
Sorry, the image scan is not better.


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