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Australia to United States
July 26, 1925

This rotogravure picture postcard was sent from Sydney, New South Wales.
It was franked with a 1924 1 d. scarlet King George V (SG 77).
The cover received a roller machine cancel.

The destination was San Francisco.
There are no identifiable transit or receiving marks.
There are some straight horizontal lines on the illustration but not enough to tell what they are.

The illustration is King Street in Sydney.
The view is near the corner of Elizabeth and King Streets, looking towards George Street.
The legend on the illustration also seems to identify the building to the left as being significant.
The building probably is no longer there.
The heart of Sydney has changed markedly over the years (as has been the case in most other cities).
The trams have been gone since the 1960s.*

  The sender's message is of interest:

        Sydney, N.S.W
Jim old dear: --
It looks like a
crowded place, but
I'd much rather the
crowd of 716 ---
          As ever,

716 refers to the address.
Jim old dear is undoubtedly the sender's husband.

*Thanks to David Benson for identifying and describing King Street.


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