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Haiti to France
July 24, 1874

This folded letter was dated in Miragoane on July 24.
Miragoane is midway on the north side of the peninsula to the southwest of Port-au-Prince.
It was sent by Jacob & Co. in Miragoane who applied a circular date stamp.
Was this an agent?

The sender requested service Per Royal Mail Steamer.

The Royal Mail Steamers had serviced the needs of the Caribbean
since 1840 when they replaced British packets operated by the Admiralty.
In 1840 St. Thomas became the collecting point for
Caribbean mail bound to Europe via the Royal Mail Steamer.

The letter went aboard the Royal Mail Steamer on its call at
Jacmel, Haiti, on the coast of Hispaniola south of Port-au-Prince.
There is a Jacmel P.O. Consular CDs dated July 24 on the reverse.

It arrived via Southampton and then on to London where
its receipt was noted by a red August 12 CDS on the back.
It was rated by a black boxed GB | 1F60C handstamp.

Next stop was Calais on August 12 (black CDS on front) and then on to the
Paris to Le Havre railway the same day (black CDS left center of rear tilted to the left).

The letter reached its destination of Le Havre on August 13 (black CDS on left rear).
The French  script marking is "24" for a triple-rate cover.


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