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British East Africa to Germany
July 24, 1906

This wrapper was postmarked in Mombasa, E. A. P. (East Africa Protectorate).

In 1888 the Imperial British East Africa Company
began operations under a concession from the sultan.
After the company went bankrupt, the British
government proclaimed a protectorate on July 1, 1895.

In 1905 the capital moved from Mombasa to Nairobi and
control passed from the Foreign Office to the Colonial Office.
The protectorate finally became a colony of Kenya on July 23, 1920.

The wrapper indicia is a 1anna red King Edward VII similar to the
East Africa and Uganda Protectorates 1903 to 1907 series (see SG 2).

I cannot decipher the destination in Germany.
Help anyone?

The strictures on the use of wrappers for anything
but newspapers and books is clear in the instructions.


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