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Chile to Germany
July 21, 1910

This cover was mailed in Tocopilla, a port city, which is on the Pacific coast about 170 km north of Antofagasta.
It was cancelled with two CDS.

It received a transit mark at Iquique, about 160 km further north, on July 23.
This may be where it was put on board a ship.
Does anyone know?

Its destination was Braunschweig south of Hamburg and about 55 km east of Hanover.
I wonder how many Fritz Wolfs lived there in 1910?
(There are 3 in today's telephone book.*)
With only a name, delivery would have depended
on both directory service and carrier knowledge.

The stamps are a 1904 surcharged Pedro de Valdivia telegraph stamp 12c. on 5c. brown red (Scott 67),
and two Columbus from the 1905-09 series, a 3c. yellow brown and a 2c. carmine (Scott 70 and 69).

*Thanks to Maarten Willems for correcting my spelling and giving us the telephone information.


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