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Azores to United States
July 19, 1933

This is another colorful cover that was mailed from Ponta Delgado, Azores.
The Azores are 20° west of Gibralter.

There is one CDS for each of the eight different stamps used to frank this cover.

The stamps are all from the Ceres series overprinted for use in Portuguese colonies.
It is difficult to be sure of the identifications from the
scan but they appear to me to be, reading from left to right:
1930 10c. vermillion (Scott 309), 1925 25c. carmine rose (Scott 244),
1930 4c. orange (Scott 307),  1930 16c. deep blue (Scott 189),
1925 2c. orange (Scott 238), 1920 6c dull rose (Scott 173),
1925 32c. deep green (Scott 199), and  1930 5c.  deep brown (Scott 308).
(I would appreciate hearing of any corrections these identifications.)

The destination was Washington, D.C.


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