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Bermuda to United States
July 18, 1946

This colorful registered airmail cover  was mailed from
Hamilton, the capital and principal city of Bermuda.

It took only six carefully placed CDS to cancel the thirteen stamps on this cover.
Registration added the blue cross (before the stamps went on)
and the preprinted and prenumbered registration label.
There is also a nice airmail etiquette.

The destination was Brooklyn, a borough in New York City.
The carrier was either Imperial Airways or Pan American which flew F.A.M. 17
from New York to Bermuda.The route was inaugurated on June 16, 1938.

The franking is mixed between the 1936 King George V
and 1938-1952 King George VI defintives.
The 1936 stamps include the ½d. bright green and the 1/6d. brown (SG 98 and 106).
The 1938-1952 series is a short set of 11 stamps from 1d. to 5/
(SG 110, 111b, 112a, 113b, 114a, 114c, 115, 116, 117, 118).
I assume that all are of the latest colors.

It is interesting that Gibbons inserted the number 114c for
the 7½d. issued in 1941 after 114 had already been issued to the 3d.
Even the great are frail!


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