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Chile Domestic Usage
July 15, 1896

This 5c postal stationery envelope was sent from Santiago to Valparaiso.
Valparaiso is the Pacific port city for Santiago, the inland capital.
There is only a little more than 100 km between the two cities.
The cover has an 8 A M  July 16 Valparaiso receiver on the back.
Both CDS are well-struck.

Of particular interest are the boxed MULTADA mark
and the simple stamp at the upper left on the reverse.
These are postage due items.
Multada translates as fined.
The stamp is a Valparaiso handstamped postage due first issued in 1896.
The 4c black single-rim design was stamped on gummed perforated straw colored  paper (Scott J2).
After affixing it to the cover, it was cancelled with the boxed MULTADA.

I have a question - what is special about Valparaiso that it should have its own postage dues?
Was there a special surcharge for mail delivered there?


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