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Japan to France
July 14, 1896

This cover was sent from Yokohama about 25 km south of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay.

The sharp western CDS appears to be uncommon, particularly with regard to the width of the rim.

The cover is franked with an 1888 10s brown orange imperial crest,  star and kiri branches (Scott 79).

The cover was addressed to Courbevoie on the Seine.
Courbevoie is a suburban area about 10 km northwest of central Paris.

The cover requested routing Via America.

The cover would have been sent from Yokohama to either Seattle or San Francisco by boat.
It would then be sent to New York City by rail and then on to France by boat.

Unhappily, we don't know whether there are any transit marks on the reverse.
There should be indications of arrival in a United States port and transit/departure from New York.
I would also expect a Paris receiver of some sort.


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