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Vatican City to Germany
July 14, 1932

This picture post card was sent from Vatican City to Berlin.
Wilmersdorf is a district near the heart of Berlin.

The card is franked with the 75c.  brown carmine on gray
surface-colored paper from Vatican City's first issue in 1929 (Scott 7).

The card was postmarked with a single Vatican City bridge-type CDS.

There are no other postal markings.

The illustrations shows the Sala Clementina.
The Catholic Encyclopedia says the following when describing the Vatican:

"The Sala Clementina is a gigantic hall, two stories high, situated on the second floor, at the entrance to the papal apartments, and reached by the Scala Nobile. At the rear of this hall a division of the Swiss Guard is posted. The doors to the right lead to the apartments of the pope, those on the left to the Loggie, and those in the rear immediately to the Consistorial Hall. The magnificent marble wainscoting is over six feet; above it rise bold ornamental frescoes of splendid perspective, extending along the rounded ceiling. From the middle of the ceiling hangs a colossal chandelier, whose green patina combines wonderfully with the whole harmony of colours. Frequent repetitions of the coat of arms of Clement VIII, the builder of the hall, have been arranged by the artist with excellent taste. This great hall serves to-day as a waiting-room, as a vesting-room in the case of great receptions in the Consistorial Hall, and on rare occasions for the reception of pilgrimages or large deputations."
The hall was used for President George H. W. Bush's meeting with students at the
American Seminary in the Vatican on May 27, 1989, after a Papal Audience.


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