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Germany to Czechoslovakia
July 12, 1934

This postal card was sent from the Charlottenburg Post Office in Berlin.
Charlottenburg is on the west side of Berlin a few kilometers from the center of the city.
The Charlottenburg CDS is quite a clear strike.

The card, a 6pf. Hindenburg,  was short paid and
was marked with a bold boxed T indicating postage due.

The destination was Gross Aupa (also known as Velka Upa) in the Sudetanland.
Gross Aupa is northeast of Prague near the Polish border.
It is in the mountains and has winter sports.

On its arrival in Gross Aupa, a Czech postage due was added.
It was the 1928 1 koruna ultramarine (Scott J65).
The due was cancelled on what appears to be July 15
with a CDS which included both Gross Aupa and Velka Upa.

I cannot translate the content of the card.
Perhaps someone can suggest the subject.

Note:  I am indebted to Tony H. in New Zealand who
provided this interesting postal card for the series.


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