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Danish West Indies to United States
July 11, 1874

This folded letter was posted through the British Post Office in Mayaguez, Porto Rico.
According to the source, it was backstamped at
the British Post Office in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies.
The British Post Office operated there from 1865 to 1879.*

I believe that the oval numeral cancel is Type 12 C51.
It is possible that it could be Mayaguez, Porto Rico,
if the oval numeral cancel is Type 8 F85.
Any thoughts?

There is a single PAID CDS for Mayaquez.
Mayaguez is on the west coast of Porto Rico.
The British Post Office operated there from 1873 to 1877.
Mayaguez was apparently the port of call for the mailship to New York.

There is also an oval JUL 11 1874 date stamp of the sender.
It is not totally legible - AJA & BRxx.*
Can anyone elucidate?

The cover was franked with a pair of Great Britain 2 pence blue Queen Victorias of 1869.
I'll leave it to someone else to sort out whether the stamps are SG 45, 46, or 47.

The letter was routed P(er) Brazil Mail (Ship to) U. S.
The destination was Charleston, South Carolina,
in the middle of the South Carolina Atlantic Coast.

The letter arrived in New York on July 20 and
it was stamped with a DUE  U.S. CURRENCY CDS.

Editor's note:  It would certainly help to have a scan of the back of this cover.
Sellers should always provide a back scan
if there is anything related to the history of the item there.

*Thanks to Jim Whitford-Stark for clarifying the sender's datestamp
and to Knud-Erik Andersen for catching my typo.


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