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Italian Somaliland Internal Usage

July 9, 1927

This registered cover was sent from Brava to Mogadishu.
These cities are nearby on the southeast coast of Somalia.
The area has a depressing history.

In 1892, Italy leased the Benadir coast from the Sultan of Zanzibar.
In 1905 Italy bought sovereign rights from the Sultan and named the area Italian Somaliland.

Territory purchased from Ethiopia was added in 1908.
Jubaland was added at the south end of Italian Somaliland
in 1925 as part of the Italian reward for joining the Allies in 1915.

Italian ambitions in the area came to a head with the Ethiopian war in 1935.
Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Italian Somaliland became Italian East Africa in 1936.

Italy lost the area in 1941 to the British.

The markings at the top probably requested registration.
Registration was represented by a preprinted label.
There are three Brava CDS.

The cover is franked with a 1926 1.25 l dark blue Victor Emmanuel overprinted

(Scott 69),  and singles of 1907 surcharges (C.  ~~~~ 10 c and C. ~~~~ 50 c)
of 1903 Benadir Lions of 1 anna claret and 5 anna yellow (Scott 12 and 15)

The cover was offered with a Diena certificate.

This is certainly a cover for which the value does not match its rarity.


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