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China Internal Usage
July 8, 1929

This is a registered first flight cover for China Airways.
The flight was from Shanghai to Nanking.
Nanking (now Nanjing) is about 270 km northwest of Shanghai.

There is a bilingual red AIR MAILS handstamp and a REGISTERED handstamp.
There is also an illegible boxed handstamp below the address
which I believe is a Shanghai registry box with a
script registry number which has been blurred by wetting.

In addition to the Shanghai CDS, there are six strikes of
a airplane propellor-blade cancel prepared for the Shanghai to Nanking trip.
There is a faint unreadable impression  of another CDS over the typewritten AIR MAIL.

The cover is franked with a complete set of the second
Chinese airmail set issued in 1929 (Scott C6- C10).

This issue used the designs of the first airmail issued in 1921
but added a Nationalist Chinese emblem on the airplane's rudder.
The airplane is a Curtiss Jenny from World War I.
The stamps were issued on July 5 just for this flight.
In addition, there is a 1929 Chiang Kai-shek 10c. dark blue (Scott 282).

There was also a flight in the other direction.
Thousands of covers were flown on these first flights.

This cover was addressed to Nanking but forwarded to Kuling.
Kuling was a retreat/resort for missionaries in the central mountains of China.
Its name was not Chinese but rather, it is suggested, derived from 'Cooling.'
Kuling was near Lushan.

The cover's arrival in Nanking was noted by two CDS
backstamps - one dated in English and one dated in Chinese.

There is an interesting oval handstamp of the sender on the reverse.
The Good Society seems to have some history but I can't find a specific discussion.
Can anyone help?


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