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Japan to United States
July 6, 1919

This cover missed being a first day cover by five days.
The stamps were issued July 1 to celebrate the peace after the end of World War I.

The stamps used were two 1s. dark brown, a 3s. dark green, and a 4s. rose.
The complete set also includes a 10s. dark blue in the vertical format.

The rate for foreign destinations was 10 sen for the first 20 grams from 1907 to 1922.*

The cover was sent from Osaka, Japan, where a three English CDS were applied.
English CDS were used for foreign mail.

The destination was Wilmington, Delaware.
Wilmington lies near the mouth of the Delaware River
southwest of Philadelphia on the route to Baltimore and Washington.

*Thanks to David Frick for this supplementary information.


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