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Switzerland to New Zealand

July 6, 1914

This registered cover was sent from Granges-près-Marnand (now Grenchen) about 30 km north of Bern.
It lies in a proud farming area.
(Granges-près-Marnand translates as "barns near Marnand.")

It was franked with a 1908 50c deep green and pale green sitting Helvetia (Scott 139).
There are two clear CDS.

The only indication of registry is the preprinted registry stamp for Granges-Marnand.

The destination was Wanganui which is about 150 km north of Wellington
on the southwest coast of New Zealand's  North Island.

The sender's routing requested Australia to get things started in the right direction.
Apparently the sender knew that once it got on a route to Australia,
there would be no problem in getting it on to New Zealand.

There should be some transit marks on the back.

*Thanks to Roger Heath for correcting my dating of this cover from 1916 to 1914.


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