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China (Treaty Port) to England
July 5, 1911

This registered mourning cover originated in Tientsin, China.
Tientsin, now Tianjin, is on the Hai river about 150 km
southeast of Beijing and 50 km inland from the Gulf of Chihli.

It was sent via the British Post Office where it received two clear Type G CDS.
A boxed red Tientsin.BPO registration handstamp
was added and a script registry number added.

In addition to registration, the sender requested
routing via Siberia to its London destination.
The cover was sent via the Trans Siberian Railway.

The cover received two registry backstamps.
Both are illegible although I believe one is dated July 21.
The second has the London REGISTERED banner at the top.
Can anyone provide further insight on these two markings?

As with the other treaty port post offices, use of the stamps
of Hong Kong was compulsory after October 15, 1864.

This cover is franked with two horizontal pairs
of the 1907 4c. carmine-red King Edward VII (SG 93).
With clear Tientsin strikes these are also identified
as British Post Offices in China - Tientsin SG Z1017.

The British Post Office in Tientsin had a difficult history.
It opened in 1882 but was closed in 1890.
It reopened October 1, 1906, under the management of
the Chinese Engineering and Management Company.


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