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Straits Settlements to Argentina
July 2, 1894

This postal card was sent from Singapore at the south end
of the Malay Pensinsula to Rosario de Santa Fe, Argentina.
Rosario is about 240 km northwest of Buenos Aires.
It comprises the Rosario district of the province of Sante Fe,
one of 23 Argentinian provinces and the independent city of Buenos Aires.

Singapore provided a single, sinple CDS, standard at the time.

There are two mostly illegible transit/receiving marks on the message side.
One appears to have an August 8 date.

The 3c. indicia is similar to stamp designs of 1872.
This particular postal card was issued in 1893.
The UPU post card rate had increased from 2c. to 3c. in March, 1894.*

The message appers to be commercial.
Can someone provide the gist of the content?

*Thanks to Paul Barsdell for the added information on the postcard and the CDS.


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