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Portuguese India to India
June 30, 1889

This postal card was sent from Damao, now Daman,  in Portuguese India.
Damao was on the west side of India about 170 km north of Bombay.
Damao was one of three enclaves comprising Portuguese, India.
In addition there was Goa and Diu.
All were forcibly annexed by India in 1961.

The postal card indicia is similar to the 1882 50r. blue King Luiz of Portugal.
The tanga valuation was 1/64th of a Rupia.

Almost no philatelic material from this period in Portuguese India is common.

The card was struck with a single CDS and sent on its way up the coast to Bombay.
It arrived in Bombay and was sent on the 'First Dely' the next day, July 1.

The message appears to be commercial.
The writer added lines to help his handwriting.


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