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Egypt (FPO) to France
June 29, 1861

This folded letter was sent from the French Post Office in Alexandria.

There is an Alexandria CDS.
The French Post Office in Alexandria was opened in 1830.
The destination was Lyon in southern France about 300 km north of Marseilles.
Its arrived there on July 8 as noted by the Lyon CDS on the back.

The 50c franking was the rate for this letter.
The letter was stamped with a boxed P. P.  - post paid.
The letter promptly went aboard one of the French mail ships which plied the Mediterranean.
There is a faint marking for the mail ship just to the right of the Lyon in the address.
I believe it is dated June 30.
The mail would pass through Marseilles.

The franking is particularly nice.
There is a pair of  imperforate 1860 type II 20c blue on bluish paper Napoleons
and a single imperforate 1853 10c type I (?) bister on yellowish paper Napoleon
(Scott 15 d. and 14).

All three stamps have outstanding margins and appear to have no defects.
The 10c even has a portion of the adjacent stamp on the bottom.
They have been cancelled with a misstruck small number (petite chiffre) 3704 grid.

The ALEXANDRIE EGYPTE CDS is shown in more detail at the right.

Boxed P. P. and dateline from letter - interestingly post dated.


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