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Portuguese Congo to Belgium
June 29, 1910

This picture postcard was sent from Cabinda on the Atlantic Coast of the Portuguese Congo.
Cabinda in the Cabinda district is just north of the mouth of the river Congo.
It is a detached portion of present-day Angola however there is ongoing unrest in the area.
It is about 400 km southwest of Leopoldville now Kinshasha.
Cabinda has been a center of unrest for years.
A google search for cabinda comes up with lots of interesting sites.

The postcard is franked with four 1898 5 reis orange King Carlos definitives (Scott 14).

It was struck with three characteristically Portuguese octagonal Cabinda date stamps.
The sender requested routing via Lisbon.

The destination was Anvers (Antwerp), Belgium where it arrived in July.
The date in the Anvers receiver is illegible.

There is a second CDS transit mark which may be from Lisbon.
Can anyone identify it?

There is also a '22' in a circle.
Can someone help us learn what this is?

There is also a 6 over 6 notation which probably
indicated the bundling of the mail for Lisbon from Cabinda.

The writer dated his message on June 26 so he took three days to get the card in the mail.

The illustration presumably shows a significant street in Cabinda.


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