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Hong Kong to Tasmania
June 28, 1863

This folded letter was sent from Hong Kong.
The destination was Launceston on the north side of the island about 170 km north of Hobart.

The sender marked the letter prepaid.
The sender also marked the letter A Mail.
Was this an abbreviation for Australia-bound Mail?

The Hong Kong post office rated the letter as 12 cents (?).
There are two Hong Kong CDS - one on each side.

There are two additional markings associated with the arrival in Tasmania.
The first is a rounded box marking at the left.
It is the Hobart ship letter Free marking for arrival August 14.

Upon arrival in Hobart, the letter then was sent on another ship to Launceston.
There it received the red diamond SHIP LETTER - INWARDS FREE with a 15 AU 15 1863 date.

*Thanks to both Jim Whitford-Stark and David Benson for their help in
deciphering the destination and to David for his help in identifying the marks.


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