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French Post Office in Egypt
June 28, 1921

This is a rare First Day Cover for three locally surcharged stamps.
French post offices were maintained in Alexandria and Port Said.

The French Post Office in Alexandria applied three CDS.
The address was also the Alexandria French Post Office.
I suspect this cover was prepared by a philatelist who
was provided favor cancellations and then handed back to the addressee.
Note that the sender had time to prepare a typewritten envelope.

The stamps are surcharged in black on the 1902-03 series.
There is a 2m. on the 5c. green, a 4m. on 10c. rose, and a 10m. on 25c. blue (Scott 31, 32, and 38).

I do not know the reason for the surcharges but similar actions were
taken in other country's post offices in the middle east to prevent
currency speculation in the wild inflation after World War I.

In addition to the regular postage stamps, a postage due was assessed.
A bold T handstamp was applied and a 1p. ultramarine Egyptian postage due
added and cancelled with an Egyptian CDS for Alexandria.

The postage due is from the 1889 series (Scott J17 - ultramarine).
Stanley Gibbons lists a 1918 version of the stamp in dull ultramarine with a sideways watermark
(SG D86 vs. D73); however, the color of this stamp does not appear to be 'dull.'

The postage due may be a result of the handback processing.


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