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Germany to Australia
June 27, 1937

This cover was sent from Meiningen, Thuringen, about 130 km east northeast of Frankfurt am Main.
The six stamps were given seven Meiningen CDS.

The destination was Narrogin, Western Australia, about 175 km southeast of Perth.

The cover is franked with three 1933-1936
Hindenburgs - 1pf black, a 5pf bright green, and a 6pf dark green.
It also has a 1937 3pf brown Shield Bearer from the Reich Air Protection League issue.
Completing the stamp complement are 1934 eagle airmails
in 15 pf ultramarine and 10 pf bright carmine.
Although there are no airmail markings, the
airmail stamps may indicate airmail treatment for this cover.

There are no transit or receiver markings.

The round label on the rear is a 1pf charity label for the
'Winter Hilfswerk Des Deutschen Volkes' - Winter Welfare Organization of the German People.


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