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Norway to Portuguese East Africa
June 26, 1945

This censored airmail cover was sent from Oslo just after the end of World War II in Europe.
It was censored in Norway and then again in England.
The Norwegian censor tape is at the front left while the English censor tape is at the right.
There are two versions of the Norwegian censor tape - small shields and large shields.
These are the more common small shields.*
There is another brown tape below the right hand tape.
Does this indicate a third censoring?

The cover was postmarked with a roller cancel across the top which left two CDS.
Note the interesting, but common, triple double pairs of arcs used as killers between the CDS.

The three stamps are 20° red Lion Rampant from the issue of 1940.
Postage includes triple weight airmail surcharge (10-15g).
Until September, 1945, mail to Asia or Africa went air only to England,
and by surface mail from there, hence the airmail surcharge was the same as for Europe.
There is a nice pale blue airmail etiquette and a boxed handstamp 'By Air to England.'

The destination was Lourenšo Marques, a district of
Portuguese East Africa (now Maputo in Mozambique).

Lourenšo Marques
is on the Indian Ocean coast about 375km east of Johannesburg.

Independence came for the People's Republic of Mozambique on June 25, 1975,
oddly enough one day less than 30 years after this cover was postmarked.

The cover was sent by K. R. Pedersen to Elisabeth Pedersen - probably relatives.

In the aftermath of the war it appears that mail took quite a while to get to
eastern Africa as the Lourenšo Marques octagonal receiver is dated August 18!


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