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Luxembourg to France
June 25, 1887

This cover with a corner card for the Hotel Brasseur
went into the mail in Luxembourg Ville where it received two CDS strikes.
I couldn't find the hotel in an internet search so
it may no longer be in existence - after all this usage is over 115 years old!

The cover is franked with a single 25c. ultramarine Industry and Commerce from 1882.

The destination was Reims which is only about 150 km west southwest of LuxembourgVille.
Reims is famous for its Gothic cathedral and champagne.

There is a French transit mark for June 25 from, I believe, Givet a Meuse.
Givet is at the very end of the little bit of France that pokes into Belgium along the Meuse.
I suspect that mail from Luxembourg went northwest
toward Brussels and was diverted to enter France at Givet.
Can someone confirm this?


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