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New South Wales to Belgium
June 25, 1901

This colorful picture postcard honored Colonel Plumer.
Colonel Plumer made quite a name for himself during the Boer War.
He was associated with Baden-Powell.
He went on to serve in World War I and ended up as Sir Herbert Charles Onslow Plumer.
It looks like Plumer was the model army officer.

This postcard was sent from Milson's Point which is
a spit of land jutting south into Sydney Harbor (Port Jackson).

The cover has two Milson's Point CDS.

The cover's destination was Brussels.
The is a Brussels receiver dated July 24.
The cover is franked with an 1892 d slate Victoria and
an 1897 1d rose-carmine shield (SG 286 and 290).
The circled 93 is a Belgian carrier's stamp.


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