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June 23, 1932

This picture postcard was postmarked with four SCADTA
(Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transportes Aereos) cancels from Cali.
Only the
Sociedad de Transportes AereosColombo Alemana portion was included in the cancel.
Cali is in the mountains about 300 km southwest of Bogota.

Unfortunately, I don't have a scan of the address side so we don't know the destination.

The card is franked with four stamps: two 5c. yellow orange 1932 government overprinted
of airmail stamps originally issued by SCADTA (Scott C83 overprints on Scott C55),
one 1932 regular issue bold surcharge of 1 CENTAVO on a 4c. deep blue
(Scott 409 surcharge of Scott 400),  and one 2c.  carmine rose from 1917 (Scott 341).

The illustration is of the Dornier DO-X, a 12 engine flying boat built in Germany which was in dire straits at this time.
The owners had run out of money and, after eight months sitting in drydock in New York City,
the airplane had finally been flown back to Germany in May on its last trans-Atlantic flight.
It was on this date in 1932 that the ownership reverted to the the German Aviation Test Center.


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