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Brazil to Costa Rica
June 23, 1900

This cover was mailed from Rio de Janeiro.

It was franked with 1900 100 reis rose and a 200 reis blue Liberty heads (Scott 160 and 161).

There is a single Rio de Janeiro CDS.

Routing through New York was requested.

The first stop was in Barbados where an oval SHIP LETTER cancel was applied on July 13.
This was where the mail was exchanged from the ship bound from Rio to one bound for New York.
Arrival in New York was noted by the Foreign NY Transit CDS dated July 31.

The routing probably  would have then taken the letter to Colón on the Isthmus of Panama.
It would then have been taken across on the Panama Railroad
and then up the Pacific Coast to Puntarenas.
Puntarenas was the port city for San José,
the inland capital of Costa Rica, which was the destination.

Unfortunately, there are no Costa Rican receivers to tell us how long the trip took.


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