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Uruguay to Jamaica
June 21, 1923

The return address on the rear of this registered cover is
"Montevideo City, Republic of Uruguay, South America."
This posting is confirmed by the two Monevideo bridge-type registration CDS on the front.

There is also a preprinted registration label.
Registration included adding a blue cross on the front but, surprisingly, four blue vertical lines on the rear.
Five wax seals were also added on the rear to complete the origination registry process.

The destination was Alley, a village in Clarendon parish, "Jamaica, Antillas, Inglesas (British West Indies).
Alley is now known as The Alley and is about 55 km southwest of Kingston
near Portland Point, the most southerly part of Jamaica.
The routing is shown by the markings on the rear.

The first stop was Havana, Cuba, where it received a double ring registry CDS on the right center July 16.
This is where it also was given one of the new registration numbers on the front.

From Havana on the northwest coast the cover went to
Santiago de Cuba centered on the south coast at the east end of Cuba.
There it received two boxed markings.

Somewhere, probably in Cuba, two signature stamps of a Postal Adminstrator were added.
Unfortunately, I can't make out the name.

Next it went to Kingston, Jamaica, where it received a registry oval postmark on the rear.
The date is illegible.

It probably also received one of the two added registry numbers on the front.

It was forwarded to Alley and arrived there on July 19.

All this handling was paid for by two 12 c. ultramarine Mercury stamps issued in 1922 (Scott 248).
The stamps were lithographed which helps explain their dull color.


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