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Philippines to Germany
June 20, 1933

This airmail cover originated in Manila where it received three CDS.
At least one of the strikes includes part of a barred oval killer indicative of a duplex cancel.
This killer was either artfully applied or possibly folded out of the way for the other cancels.
All 3 cancels provide a separate date between the CDS and the killer.

The routing requested by the sender is most interesting.
The sender requested the first leg by the earliest boat to Hong Kong and Saigon.
Saigon had airmail service to Europe.
Experimental flights had begun in 1929.

The cover was also handstamped with a boxed PAR AVION | VIA AIRMAIL.

Unfortunately, there is only one transit mark.
It indicates arrival in Hong Kong on June 23.

The franking includes six stamps from the 1925-31 definitives.
There are two 20 c. orange-red George Washington, two 16 c. olive green Admiral Dewey,
one 8 c. brown Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, and one 10 c. blue General Henry W. Lawton
(Scott 347, 346, 343, and 342, respectively). 

In addition, there are two airmail stamps with an airplane overprint on
1933 12 c. orange regular issues portraying Pier No. 7 in Manila Bay (Scott C48).
The copy on the right appears to have been affected by oxidation.


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