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Liechtenstein to Germany to Iceland
June 19, 1931

The Graf Zeppelin made many special flights.
This flight went from Friedrichshafen - the Zeppelin home base - to Reykjavik, Iceland and then returned.

This cover was sent from Triesenberg, Liechtenstein (about 3km
southeast of Vaduz), on June 19 to be carried on the flight.
There are three Triesenbberg CDS.

The flight departed Friedrichshafen on June 30 and arrived in Iceland on the same day.
These steps are marked by CDS.
Since there were no facilities for landing in Iceland,
the mail was dropped to the ground for cancellation.

The cover has a straight line instruction: Mit Luffschift Graf Zeppelin.
There is also the souvenir triangular cachet for the ISLANDFAHRT 1931.
There is also a trilingual, blue airmail etiquette.

There are no markings on the reverse.

After return to Friedrichshafen, the cover was forwarded to Magdeburg.

The cover is franked with Liechtenstein stamps Scott 98
(98a is also possible, based on perforations), C1, and C6.


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