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France to Japan
June 18, 1875

This cover was sent from Versailles which used the
'Gros Chiffre' (large number) 4158 numeral lozenge cancel.*
I think the partial cancel to the right of the rear ay have been from the originating town.

The routing requested was per Marseille.
There is a Marseilles transit (or possibly origination) mark dated June 18.
The cover was transported via French mail ships (not at all surprising).

The destination was Yokohama.
The receiver on the rear dated August 1 is from the French Post Office there.

The cover is franked with two 1875 10c bister on rose paper Ceres with large
numerals (Scott 60) and two 1870 40c orange on yellowish paper Ceres (Scott 59).
The 1 franc rate earned this envelope a boxed PD as paid to destination.

*Thanks to David Benson for finding this fine website
for locating the source of French numeral cancels.
Unfortunately, the link no longer works.
Help, anyone?

I did however, find these links to French postal history resources.


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