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Straits Settlements to Germany
June 16, 1896

This registered cover was posted in Singapore.
The sender stamped the backflap (part of which is missing) with his name and return address.
(The sender was W. Windrath, a stamp dealer who prepared many covers.
This cover is most likely philatelic as the UPU rate was 8c and the registration rate was 5c.
This cover was over-franked with 40c.)*

Registration was accomplished by applying a dated boxed handstamp with a large R at the right.
The serial number was entered in script.
Surprisingly, there are no blue pencilled crosses
as was the standard for registered Commonwealth covers.

The cover was franked with two 1891 surcharges.
There is a 10c on 24c yellow green and a 30c on 32c orange vermilion (SG 86 and 87).

The destination of the cover was Munich where it arrived on July 12.
It was stamped with a new registration serial number 9,941 there.

I believe the small circled  319 was a Munich carrier's (or clerk's) stamp.

The Straits Settlements were organized from the settlements of
Malacca, Penang (with the province of Wellesley), and Singapore in 1867.
The postal administrations in the settlements had used Indian stamps from 1854.
The Straits Settlements became a Crown Colony in 1867.
The Cocos Islands were added in 1886 followed by Labuan which became the fourth settlement in 1906.

The first stamps were surcharged Indian stamps issued April 1, 1867.
Straits Settlements issued stamps until the Japanese occupation in 1942.

*Thanks to Paul Barsdell for the information on the rate and the sender.


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