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England to Egypt
June 16, 1890

This d. postal card originated in London.
The addressee apparently used a mail forwarder at 4 Trafalgar Square to handle his mail.

The oval handstamp of what appears to be United States
Despatch Agent shows it was handled there on June 16.
The cover was readdressed c/o the United States Consul in Cairo, Egypt.

The British Post Office applied a handstamp with a T in a hexagon
indicating postage due for forwarding the card.

On its arrival in Egypt the card was assessed a 4m. postage due
and a 4m. maroon postage due issued in 1889 was added (SG D72).

The two Cairo CDS both show handling on June 25.

The message on the card was a preprinted notice of the
Annual Meeting of The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies.

The meeting was scheduled on June 23.

The notice arrived in Cairo on June 25.

Another annual meeting missed!
Now we know why Greek is no longer required for graduation from premier universities!


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