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Denmark to Italy
June 11, 18??

This registered cover was struck with four CDS when it was posted in Copenhagen.
The inscription at the lower left is a request for registry service.
The cover received a nice square numbered registry handstamp.
The registry mark was first used in 1883 and had a variable number.*

The year is in question since year dated hand stamps didn't go into use in Copenhagen until 1891.
The latest stamp was issued in 1885; therefore the date has to be between 1885 and 1891.*

The destination was Padua (Padova) which is on the road to
Verona about 35 km west of Venice (Venezia) on the Adriatic.

There are no receiving marks on this front of the cover although there should be some on the reverse.
The blue 379 may have been applied to enter the letter into the Italian registration system.

The cover is franked with a 10. carmine arms issue from 1885,
a 16. slate and brown from 1875, and a 50 brown and violet from 1875 (Scott 39, 30, and 33).*

The cover is the third weight class (30 gr. to 45 gr.) and
therefore required 60 for postage and 16 for registration.*
The high values makes this a particularly desirable cover.

* Thanks to Knud-Erik Andersen for providing the correcting information
for me on the registry mark, the CDS, the stamps, and the rates.
I'd be lost without the help!

I have also received an alternate explanation of the rate from George Brooks.
A single rate foreign letter was 20
and registration was 15.
He suggests that the 50
may have paid for a money order.
He also confirmed the inscription on the front is a registration request.


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