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Siberia to Germany
June 10, 1919

This cover is a predecessor to a cover which I posted for January 15.
The sender and addressee are the same.

This is a prisoner of war card sent by a German prisoner
held by the American Expeditionary Force in Vladivostok.

The cover carried no postage as it was marked Prisoner of War Service.
I now believe that this card is Japanese.
It think its use by a prisoner was coincidental.

There is a single U.S. Postal Agency Siberia duplex cancel.

There is a boxed censor stamp:

There are someone's initials on the 'by' line.

The return address at the left is
"From german prisoner
of war. Martin Prigge
 prison camp. ameri-
can expeditionary
forces vladivostok

The cover was probably addressed to Prigge's wife (or mother?)
Fallersleben east of Hanover and about 20 km northeast of Braunschwieg.
There are large quantities of records available in the United States Archives
regarding this expedition and in particular, prisoners of war.
You could spend a lot of time searching for family data.

There is an excellent account of  The U. S. Army in Russia 1918-1920
somewhere in the US Archives.
The link has, however, disappeared.  Your help in finding it would be greatly appreciated.

The 31st Infantry has a chapter on their participation in the AEF Siberia.
Here is more AEF history.


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