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Hong Kong to India

June 7, 1873

This folded letter went from Hong Kong to Karachi
(note the 1873 spelling of Kurrachee) by way of Bombay.
The letter would have been put on a mail ship bound for Bombay
where it probably would have gone overland by rail to Karachi.

Karachi is now part of Pakistan.
It is a major port on the Indian Ocean.

There are three postal marks associated with Hong Kong.
The first is the numeral cancel used on the stamp itself.
The second is the CDS on the reverse.
The third is a CDS-like transit mark indicating its handling in Hong Kong.
I am not certain of the use of the straight line OOLxx on the reverse.

There is also a Bombay transit mark on the reverse but the July date is obscured.
It arrived in Karachi on July 8.

The letter is franked with a wing copy of the 8c. pale dull orange Victoria issued in 1864 (SG 11).


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