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Federated Malay States to Porto Rico

June 4, 1929

This registered cover was sent from Sitiawan in Perak.

To find Sitiawan, first locate Kuala Lumpur.
Go northwest along the inland route toward George Town.
At Ipoh, go southwest toward the coast to find Lumut.
Now go east about 10 km to Sitiawan.

Be sure to give your regards to the Rotary Club while you're there.

There are three Sitiawan CDS on the stamp side and one on the address side.
In addition, there is a preprinted registry label on the front along with a script 'Registered.'

When the cover was entered into the United States registry system, an added serial number - 298 - was added.
There is a double ring CDS for Taiping, also in Perak, to the left on the stamp side dated JULY 4.*

The intended destination was Mayaguez, Porto Rico, however, the letter had to be forwarded to Aguadilla.
This was noted by a rubber handstamp 'Forwarded from | Mayaguez, P. R.'

There are two registry marks from each of San Juan, Mayaguez, and Aguandilla.
All six are dated July 16.
San Juan is toward the east on the north shore of the island.
Mayaguez is in the center of the west coast, while Aguandilla is on the coast
north from Mayaquez near the north corner of the island.

The stamps are all tigers from the 1922-32 issue.
There is a 1c. black,  a 6c.  scarlet, and a 20c. black and dull purple (SG 53, 64, and 69).
The 27c. rate consisted of 12c. U.P.U. International rate plus 15c. registration.*

There is a remnant of what appears to be printed brown paper tape on the stamp side.
It may have been part of seal which has since disappeared.

Overall the cover is affected by tropical spots - not too surprising considering the destination.

I wonder what would occasion a registered letter from an esatablished
Chinese businessman in Sitiawan to a Work Inspector in Mayaguez, Porto Rico?

*Many thanks to Paul B. for help in reading the Taiping CDS and the added rate information.


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